Corps Mental Ressource (CMR)

What we were asked

Corps Mental Ressource needs an engaging digital platform to present and follow its quarterly stress reduction module.

What Sherfi anwsered

The site must be as simple as its concept, with a clear objective: to acquire best practices for reducing stress in just a few weeks, thanks to regular video and audio exercises.Users are greeted by a video presentation of the program and encouraged to complete a questionnaire to calculate their stress level. The content of the program is adapted to the results of this questionnaire.An end-of-program questionnaire enables the user to measure the progress made at the end of the program.On the administration side, we are also developing an easy-to-use interface to manage the content of the three stages of the module, as well as the composition of the questionnaire.

Super powers we used

  • Art direction
  • Front-end development

Technical Stacking

  • Php
  • In-house administration tool