What we were asked

The team at Ticjo, a new wellness and natural health platform, has entrusted us with the creation of the first version of its website, necessary for its new activity. Ticjo offers themed digital coaching programs, featuring articles, videos and live sessions with specialized coaches.

What Sherfi anwsered

It's always stimulating to support an emerging project. Working on the digital side of things, especially when it's at the heart of the idea, also helps it to progress. We build the experience of Ticjo's future users and, with our UX prototypes, help to clarify everything that still needs to be clarified before the MVP is launched. Our AD creates numerous mock-ups, warm and soothing, so that Ticjo, with its holistic approach, stands out. Our expertise in branding projects is put to good use at just the right time for a burgeoning brand. The challenge for this first stretch? Getting users to want to consult the many resources produced by the coaches... and getting the coaches to participate.The site is being developed as we go along, to ensure the demos needed to launch Ticjo, the first lives and the first subscriptions. At this stage, our advisory role is essential. Everything is still to be built. Drawing on our experience with our in-house WePsee platform, we advise Ticjo on the choice of payment platform, tracking, video host and live host... L'atelier Sherfi is proud to have been a true business partner to Ticjo at its launch!

Super powers we used

  • Art direction
  • Back-end development
  • Front-end development

Technical Stacking

  • Strapi
  • React