Mobile application for patients

What we were asked

Hospitalised patients should be able to use a mobile application to keep track of their workshops and appointments. The application will also give them access to tailored content on different themes related to their stay.
UX Design

What Sherfi anwsered

Objective: Getting started!The aim of the application is to be used on a daily basis, from the moment the patient arrives at the clinic.The browsing experience must therefore be intuitive and welcoming, from registration to notifications. We're doing a lot of work in the UX phase to ensure optimal ergonomics. The diary is at the centre of all our attention: it must be easy to read at a glance, allow users to register for a workshop, and broadcast notifications to warn them that an activity is about to start, or alert them to a change of time or room.The Clineapp application is constantly evolving, with the aim of providing patients with ever greater personalisation, by integrating their personal medical appointments, for example.In terms of administration, an interface makes it easy for clinics to keep their diaries up to date. Clinea clinic staff are part of the project team. This on-the-ground support means that we can regularly propose new developments to support new clinics deploying the application for their patients.

Super powers we used

  • Design
  • Technical direction
  • Art direction
  • Application maintenance and upgrades

Technical Stacking

  • React Native

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