What we were asked

The ORPEA CLINEA group is looking to set up a digital ecosystem for its PREVAction education and prevention program, the first of which is dedicated to frailty in the elderly. The system is designed to support caregivers in running workshops, and to make it easy for patients to follow the program.
UX Design

What Sherfi anwsered

Challenge: accessibility!

Designing a solution that includes both an audience of over-seventy-year-olds and healthcare professionals in the same program? It's all up to us, and we love it!

We're proposing the creation of two applications: a mobile patient application, and a tablet caregiver application, which is functionally richer and more complex.

The caregiver application has several features:

- Before the workshop, get organized with an overview of your agenda and the materials you'll need for each activity.

- During the workshop, you can follow the progress of each stage on a timeline, and project the documents you need.

The patient application lets you view the week's workshops, with the materials to be provided, and your progress through the program. A simplified data-entry form enables patients to report their absence from a workshop.

In collaboration with Orpea's IS teams, we are setting up the flows that will enable workshops to be displayed correctly in both applications. Finally, we are developing the administration interface that will enable all workshop content to be entered, to ensure that it is displayed correctly on both the caregiver's and the patient's side.

Super powers we used

  • Design
  • Technical direction
  • Art direction

Technical Stacking

  • React Native
  • Next.js

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